• 1 Who are Sexologist Doctors?

    Sexologist doctors are specialized in diagnosing and providing treatments for sexual disorders. So, if you are having trouble with your intimate life or if are facing a any kind of sexual problems, you should immediately visit a sexologist.

  • 2 How to identify a good Sexologist?

    To determine if a doctor is a good sexologist, the doctor should have a relevant degree and should be a legitimate medical practitioner.

  • 3 Why should one take Ayurvedic medications for sexual disorders?

    Ayurvedic treatments offer long-lasting solutions to sexual problems without any side effects. These medications are natural methods of treatment and target the root cause of the issue. Both immunity and mental state play a crucial role in a person’s intimate life. Ayurveda addresses both these aspects and removes the core issue permanently.

  • 5 How common is Sexual Disorders?

    According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, 43% of men and 31% women report to have at least one symptom of sexual dysfunction.

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